Getting Started

What do you need to start OKEIKO? (Training or Practice)


Your personal belongings:

For beginners: Fukusa (Silk cloth), Sensu (Fan), Kaishi (Bosom-pocket paper), White socks

Fees: included Mizuya fee (utensils, Charcoal, Green Tea and sweet for each lesson)

  • Each lesson is $30 for beginners and intermediate students.
  • For licensed inheritance lesson: $35/lesson

Occasional tea gathering fees to be announced each time.

Membership fee: Urasenke Tankokai LA Association and Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Membership

  • You MUST be a member of UTLAA (Urasenke Tankokai LA Association)
  • General membership Fee: $35 annual
  • Full time student membership Fee: $25 annual
  • SBBG Membership Fee: $60 annual (This is optional but we encourage you to become a member.)

Permission and License from Urasenke School in Kyoto headquarters:

  • Each student who is learning the Tea Ceremony procedure must have a permission license (like a diploma) from the Grand Master.
  • After 1-3 months of training, we will discuss about it.

Recommended Tea Ceremony Shopping site: